Advantages of Global IIE

Why Global IIE?

Global IIE is an educational training institute that guides students for online tuition classes under one canopy. Our brilliant team (mostly Ph.D/M.Sc/M.Tech from IIT’s and reputed Universities are there to assist and support students in a limited group, with minimum tuition fee.

Global IIE brings a unique and effective way of delivering theoretical and practical knowledge. Personal attention from proven faculty, along with video based learning will help students in understanding fundamental concepts and prepare them for competitive examination (through exhaustive practice with hard problems).

Using interactive platform, students can ask questions and seek clarifications. Mentors from GIIE will chip in as teaching assistants for regular problem-solving exercises after each and every chapter as preparation for competitive examinations.

The Director’s have more than 18 years of experience in academics as well as industries; hold a Ph.D degree from IIT and IICT respectively; Post doc- USA and Germany; MBA-IIMK; conversant with various certification courses from Harvard Business School, Global Leadership and management development group, the George Washington University, Franklin Covey gr.

Advantage of Entrepreneurship management



Often you will hear Entrepreneurs saying, that having one’s own company gives a lot of freedom, with a high self-esteem and a sense of control over their professional as well as personal lives. This shows the perseverance to be different, to do something new and put your passion into it.

But wait!! Did you think, being an Entrepreneur was going to be a piece of cake?

Well here’s the newsflash! Desiring to be an entrepreneur is easy but putting it in practice is very challenging. Entrepreneurship involves a lot of brainstorming, strategy formation and an ability to foresee any risk or opportunities in the business world. Having done so, it would push you to a level to gain a competitive advantage against many players in the market working on same line of merchandise. Therefore, to enhance this competence within you, educating yourself about the challenges and the opportunities is a prime step towards the long path of your career of being an Entrepreneur.


Training programs on Entrepreneurship, educate an individual and has a
positive impact in sharpening the candidate’s skills and behaviour, thus,
increasing the chances of successful business and high profits. These
programs help to research, foster managerial and leadership qualities. Its
focal point will be not only to give knowledge but also to stimulate
innovative ideas, teach basic skills and pioneer the different processes of
the industry. Focus is also given in developing the attitude and personality
traits of the candidate’s by helping them to adapt with the changes in
today’s business environment.

Learning methods of management and participating in the analysis of casestudies
(where real life problematic situations, an individual face in a
company, from top-management to low level-management, are given) are
debated. These kinds of training sessions enable the candidate to augment
a positive thinking and most importantly develop the problem-solving
skills which can be implemented in real life industry crisis.
Internal and External Factors affecting the present business environment
also needs to be understood clearly, as it requires special skills to handle
the people in and around and managing the threats of the competition to
one’s own business. The ever-changing Government policies locally and
globally and the various diverse cultures of the people to be involved in
the process of running this business influences every decision of moving
forward with one’s own vision. The Entrepreneurship training programs
help to cover these portions to give an idea about the actual picture of
what to do when an individual wants to start up a business.
Global IIE provides online Entrepreneurship training programs through
live online classes. The syllabus is extensively designed by reputed
faculties of IIMs and IITs which will helps aspiring entrepreneurs get an
insight on the challenges and opportunities of creating and successfully
managing a new enterprise. GIIE not only encourages innovative business
ideas but also promotes a case study based learning.

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common mistakes of Entrepreneurship management

Common Mistakes by an Entrepreneur during Pitching

Pitching to investors for raising capital to start a business is a very difficult task. Lot of preparation is required to secure trust from them and ask for funds. No matter how much one tries to pin down a meeting with the investors it takes a lot of persistence. Nevertheless, Entrepreneurs still make some common mistakes while pitching in front of the capitalists.

Mistakes made by Entrepreneurs are discussed below;

Unaware of audience nature: Most Entrepreneurs get too excited to talk about their project. It so happens that they even forget to do a little homework on the investor. Entrepreneurs sometimes miss out on the fact that they do not know who they are meeting with and if that person is a good fit for venturing into that particular business.

Secretive about the idea : Entrepreneurs sometimes are very secretive about their idea or plan for their start-up. They are very protective and are not very open to a discussion about it in front of the investors. As a result, the investors become all the more skeptical about where they are going to invest.

No competition in market : The first thing that an Entrepreneurs try to pitch in is that their product/service is unique. There is no competition faced by them in the market. This shows that either the Entrepreneur is over-confident or hasn’t done any market research on the competitors. So without proper knowledge he/she is just trying his luck and is being unrealistic.

Want immediate feedback: Entrepreneurs look for an immediate response from the investors after finishing the business pitch. They do not tend to wait for the investors to think and to consider their proposal.

Forget to follow-up: Many Entrepreneurs have seen to be unorganized. Most of the times they forget to follow-up with the investors after their pitching is done. They are not able to make out whether the meeting has been good or not. This lack of understanding also doesn’t help them to remember to follow up with the investor.

However, from the beginning itself the Entrepreneurs can be cautious about these issues and find out a solution to make the right pitch. A proper planning and good execution of it, is all that needs to be done by an Entrepreneur.

These steps could be followed to make a successful pitching to the investors.

Research on investors: One should make a detailed research on the investors’ profile. They must also find out whether these investors have made any investments before in any other sector. Entrepreneurs should also value the possibility whether these investors would be taking an interest in this particular project.

Selling idea: Entrepreneurs should not be so protective about their idea or concept behind their start-up. It should not scare off the investors by making it sound as a difficult challenge. One needs to share their thoughts and plans with the investors to get their positive feedback also.

Acceptance of the competitors: Everyone knows that there is always a competition in the market whether directly or indirectly. So for any product/service there will always be a substitute. The start-up should be in a position to portray to these customers why their product/service will give a competitive advantage.

Provide time to investors: The investors should be given enough time to consider the proposal of a new start-up. If many investors are present in the committee then everyone should be given a choice to think about the alternatives in due course of time. No decision can be taken in haste. They should be given few days time to process the whole idea.

Always follow up: Sometimes Entrepreneurs are afraid to talk back to the investors after their pitching is done. They become hesitant to get feedback from the investors, thinking they might not like to hear a negative answer from them. But it should be made a practice for following up after they are done with the pitching. They should ask the investors for suggestions, for a suitable time to come and discuss the facts in details or trying to include them in their future prospects.

Global IIE provides online Entrepreneurship training programs through
live online classes. The syllabus is extensively designed by reputed
faculties of IIMs and IITs which will helps aspiring entrepreneurs get an
insight on the challenges and opportunities of creating and successfully
managing a new enterprise. GIIE not only encourages innovative business
ideas but also promotes a case study based learning.

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