Benefits of Live Online Tutoring

Save on time and energy:

  • No commuting
  • No traffic irritation
  • Easily find out right teacher

Anytime anywhere learning efficiently:

  • No constraint
  • Choose your own system (topic, pace and place etc)
  • Availability of excellent and experienced faculty members all over India, especially from IIT’s.
  • Student can attend the class from anywhere.

Effective and convenient:

  • Pick the time of your choice
  • Choose the pricing plan that suits your needs 


  • Learn at Home
  • Easy parental supervision

Live classes:

  • No recorded lecture
  • 2 way interaction
  • Parent monitoring and teacher counselling 

Personalized teaching:

    • 1-1 attention
    • Dedicated teacher
    • Teaching students’ pace
  • Tutor can freely share content to reinforce concepts – videos, presentations, pdf and more
  • Sometimes video based learning for few specific advanced subjects if students don’t understand any topic