The online ETP will give an insight to  the first step towards building an entreprise, to manage investors for raising fund and strategize every business plans, through a well-structured frame. Live case studies, interacting directly with industry personalities and sharpening the intellect are all part of this training program.

Key Learnings

  1. Venture Management: Techniques to search investors and develop new ventures
  2. Business Idea Development: Help to brainstorm for new ideas and statistically recreate them.
  3. Value Innovation: Guide to build advantages by making a benchmark for the competitors through value-added innovations
  4. Industry Analysis:Research and study business plan to beat the market of the competitors
  5. Interaction with Industry Personalities: Sharing of ideas and thoughts through direct interaction with the corporate personalities



Courses Outline

Part 1- The Entrepreneurial perspective
Part 2- From Idea to the opportunity
Part 3-From the opportunity to the business plan
Part 4-From the Business plan to the Funding the venture
Part 5-From Funding the venture to launching, Growing and Ending the new venture